It’s #Gratituesday! Why are you #GratefulforICNC?

Nonprofits around the world are coming together today for #GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of giving and unity as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

Our goal is to raise $2,500 in donations, but also to focus on gratitude. Join us by sharing why YOU are grateful for ICNC by using the hashtag: #GratefulForICNC. 


Recently we sent out a survey & heard some really encouraging things from our supporters. One of the questions we asked was:

“What would you miss most if ICNC were to close?”

Here are some of the answers that stood out: 

  • OMG! Can’t even fathom an answer. – Jo Ann McNeil
  • I couldn’t even imagine the Nature Center not being there…. – Ryan & Alicia Murphy
  • I choose not to imagine this level of dystopia. – David Tominksy
  • Oh gosh…don’t even say that!!! ICNC is one of the BEST conservation org’s in the state! WE NEED you. – Diana Rae Patten
  • A nearby safe and beautiful place to share nature activities (hikes, family events, workshops, classes) with my extended family and friends. – Melissa Summers
  • Indian Creek Nature Center is a treasure I’ve enjoyed since I moved to this area 45 years ago. From winter mornings cross-country skiing through the woods, to long walks with my dog, creek explorations with my grandkids, the breath-taking awe of an eagle in flight, and the camaraderie of many wonderful volunteers — all make me thankful for this amazing place. – Mary Christensen
  • The trails, the opportunity for green space when I feel the need, and the people I meet there.  We don’t get to the Nature Center as often as I would like, but knowing it is there really helps my peace of mind. I love that the joy of the outdoors is being shared with young people and the community in general. Having the amazing variety of activities found at the ICNC contributes to that. Keep up the good work. – Traci Maxted
  • Our entire family would miss being able to enter the various buildings and enjoy the exhibits and talks, being able to purchase learning and fun materials, and just spending time — both indoors and out — away from regular life. – Bill & Nancy Grindle
  • Having access to the natural spaces. – Fred & Joy Ochs
  • The beautiful and peaceful place to walk and watch the seasons change. – Dot Hinman
  • The joy of sharing nature with children and adults as well as enjoying nature for myself. – Pat Meier
  • A community resource would be gone. – Kathy Good
  • Hate to even read that question! Safe place with nature and all ages of people…love all of the special events, too, and being part of a group of people making a positive impact for our community. – Kathy Severson
  • The contribution you make to our community as a whole: to educate, advocate & provide a wild space. Even if I don’t use all your programs, they are essential for our community. You’re way more important than you can imagine. – Nancy York
  • The spirit and energy that it gives to the community about being champions of nature. – Justin Voss.
  • The total atmosphere and mission of the center. It makes us feel good being part of making our community and world a better place. – Terry & Marlyse Strait
  • The work you do to remind and engage our community in valuing, enjoying and preserving nature! – Matt & Katie Giorgio
  • My volunteer interactions with fellow naturalists, staff and kids. – John & Sandy Donner
  • I know it is for the good of ALL of the people in our area but I still feel good that it is a best kept secret! I feel pride and ownership even if I just drive by. – Charlie Rohde
  • ICNC is an important part of my life and well-being and appreciate the forward-thinking of this wonderful organization. – Jill Jamieson
  • The Indian Creek Nature Center is my favorite place! – Ruie Chehak
  • The Nature Center serves an important purpose in the community. We all need to connect with the outdoors more. -Krista & Chad Kaminski
  • Thanks for all you do to make our world more green. ICNC is a treasure in this community and I look forward to reopening after Covid-19. – Tom & Megan Hughes
  • What a time we are living in and we are so thankful for the Nature Center and nature as a whole to help us cope. – Candy Altorfer
What ICNC staff members are grateful for: 
  • I’m grateful for protected land that we’re encouraged to explore and staff who are generous with their knowledge base and excited to educate young and old. We walk the talk in our sustainability efforts. – Executive Assistant Adriane Moline
  • ICNC creates a network of individuals who are outdoor enthusiasts, but also environmentalists and conservationists. My life is much richer because of the people I’ve met by working at Indian Creek Nature Center. – Director of Education Kelli Kennon-Lane
  • I am grateful for the inspiring passion and purpose I see every day in my ICNC colleagues and in our wonderful volunteers. Together they make ICNC a welcoming place for everyone. – Membership & Development Coordinator Nancy Lackner
  • I’m grateful for the beautiful land and Amazing building that are both free and open to everyone in our community. – Outreach & Development Coordinator Jane Schlegel
  • I am grateful for the community of people the Nature Center is a home to and that we have been able to keep our trails open to the public. – Director of Development Sarah Halbrook
  • I am grateful for the peacefulness I experience in the natural surroundings of ICNC and that the immersive design of the Amazing Space building allows me to feel the same sense of peace indoors. – Naturalist Andria Cossolotto 
  • I’m grateful that I get to go out and play and have fun in nature with others as my job (and we learn stuff, too!). –  Naturalist Emily Roediger
  • I’m grateful to have such a beautiful naturescape so close to home, and to be able to visit it daily for “work” (that feels less like work and more like purpose!). – Marketing Manager Liz Zabel
  • I’m grateful for all of the supporters who make it possible to deliver our mission, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. – Executive Director John Myers
To our Champions of Nature: THANK YOU!

Our hearts are warm with gratitude. Thank you so much for sharing your love of ICNC and for supporting our mission to create a sustainable future for future generations!

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