Create an experience filled with adventure, fun and learning for your child’s special day!

Nature Birthday Parties at Indian Creek Nature Center bring together exciting naturalist-guided educational experiences with the freedom, fun and movement that come with time spent outdoors. With variety of educational themed programs to choose from, and a special gift for the birthday girl or boy, we will help you plan the perfect party that your child will be talking about for years to come!

Birthday parties support essential programming operations, like caring for the critters that live at Amazing Space. Hosting your birthday party with us supports our nonprofit mission and helps us create Champions of Nature!


*Please note: Package capacity listed below includes children and adults. Should you go over capacity, a $50 fee will be applied to your order. Thank you.

Package 1

Capacity: 10 people or fewer
Location: classroom

Member price: $125

Package 2

Capacity: 11-15 people total
Location: classroom

Member price: $175

Package 3

Capacity: 16-20 people total
Location: classroom

Member price: $225

Package 4

Capacity: 21-30 people total
Location: auditorium

Member price: $325

Virtual Party


Play games and learn about nature via Zoom with one of our naturalists! You can invite as many friends as you want. Parties are usually an hour.

*Purchase a family membership for $50 at the time of booking and receive a discounted rate. Then, use your membership for other great benefits throughout the year!

Important Information

Dress for Activity/Inclement Weather:

Programs are held both indoors and out, regardless of season. In the event of inclement weather, we provide related activities and crafts indoors or in the shade as necessary.


The indoor portion of your Nature Birthday Party will be held in the Classrooms or Auditorium (location is dependent on group size).

Birthday parties must be booked two weeks in advance. Register for your Nature Birthday Party by booking online, calling 319-362-0664 or emailing our registrar. Payment is required at the time of booking.

ICNC Cancellation Policy:

To be eligible for a fee refund or transfer, ICNC requires a 10 day advance notice for all cancellations. Eligible cancelled registrations can either be refunded or applied to another registration. All refunded registrations are charged an administrative processing fee of 20%. Only in cases of extreme weather or other extenuating circumstances will ICNC cancel a scheduled program. All programs cancelled by ICNC will receive a full refund.


Parental/chaperone supervision is required throughout the party, including during naturalist-led programs/activities. Indian Creek Nature Center will not be held accountable for lack of supervision of participants.

Your Party Includes

  • One-hour naturalist-led program of choice
  • Use of the birthday party room for up to three hours and other public areas of the nature center during regular business hours
  • Special favor for birthday child
  • Vanilla ice cream with optional maple syrup topping for all party participants

Program Options

Program options subject to change by the discretion of the teacher-naturalist. Please confirm program availability at booking. All programs have alternate craft/indoor options in event of inclement weather.

Seasons Offered: Year Round

Meet the animals that live inside the Nature Center, including salamanders, toads, box turtles and more, and then go on a hike to look for creatures in the wild!

Seasons Offered: Spring, Summer

An exuberant frog chorus welcomes the arrival of spring, and the sweet sound of amphibians continue through the summer. Children will learn about the frog life cycle, special frog features, and go on a frog-watching hike. A frog craft is available for inclement weather.

Seasons Offered: Winter

Water is with us throughout the year, but there isn’t any more fascinating time to explore water than winter! Winter provides us a chance to see its variety of forms. Play a snowflake matching game, create snowflakes, and take a hike to see how many different forms of water we can find.

Seasons Offered: Fall, Spring

Celebrate your birthday with this fox themed adventure! Learn more about our fox friends, and find out how they use their senses in their habitat. Explore your own senses, and try out your fox ears, noses, and eyes on an exploration hike.

Seasons Offered: Summer

This experience focuses on all the life that lives in and around the pond. The water habitats are home to many creatures, both unique and bizarre, that survive and thrive in their wet world. Use nets to collect and examine the life in the pond. Be prepared for mud.

Seasons Offered: Winter

Which animals hibernate, which ones leave, and which ones stick around and play all winter? Explore animal tracks that show us evidence that these animals have been out for a winter stroll with a craft and a hike. Listen to a story all about feet and discover stories in the snow.

Seasons Offered: Year Round

Get to know some of Iowa’s wild animals. Spend time discovering fun things about their fur, their tracks, what they like to eat, and how they live. Play an animal game. Go for a hike to explore their habitats and enjoy the great outdoors.

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