Monarch Fest

Monarch Fest

July 15, 2023

10 AM-2 PM

At Monarch Fest there is fun for the entire family as you learn about Monarch butterflies and other pollinators, release butterflies, make milkweed seedballs, and adopt a caterpillar of your own to raise and release at home.

Raising a monarch of your own is an exciting educational experience, but the most beneficial, impactful route to helping monarchs is to plant native, pesticide-free gardens and increase their habitat. Monarch butterflies and other pollinators are essential to environmental and agricultural systems, however they are in decline due to disease, pesticide use and habitat declines. To attract and sustain native pollinators, they must have adequate access to food, water, and shelter (just like us!). That means the number one way to support them is to create and maintain habitat that provides those three very important things. 

Pollinator habitat can be created in any open space that won’t be mowed or treated with pesticides. If you have space in your yard, garden, or even container gardens, be sure to plant a few pollinator-friendly plants, such as milkweed (the only thing a monarch caterpillar eats!). Of course, other native flowers also provide food and shelter to adult butterflies and other pollinators — what is good for the monarch is good for all pollinators! Planting a variety of species that have differing bloom times, heights, and flower types fuels the widest range of pollinators all season long. And, this not only supports pollinator populations, it also benefits your garden with bigger and better crops…that’s a win-win!


Monarch Fest committee members:
Shelley Kamp, Emily Zimmerman, Jan Aiels, Heather Wilford, Loralee Walker, Roberta Lympus, Karla McGrail, and Susan & David Anderson

Monarch Research Project,
Monarchs in Eastern Iowa,
& the Linn County Master Gardeners


Face painting (10:30-1:30)
Children’s crafts
Pollinator Game
Pollinator Plant Give Away
Roll Milkweed Seed balls for Ragbrai riders
Butterfly release (noon)
Caterpillar Adoption pickup (pre-registration required)
Photo Op Station


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