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Enjoy hiking, bird watching, cross-country skiing and fishing while you explore land in various stages of ecological restoration.


Our programs bring learning to life! Discover the wonders of nature through a wide variety of programming for all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.


For decades Indian Creek Nature Center has led the area in sustainable building and operations practices.


Invest in the next generation by helping us instill a love of nature and pass along the knowledge of how to care for our environment.

Get Involved

Pull on a pair of hiking boots and hit the trails, attend an upcoming program or event, join the hundreds of volunteers that help out in myriad ways, become a member, or get involved in any number of ways to belong to a group of dedicated Champions of Nature that are working to preserve, conserve and educate…all while having a wonderful time.

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"teenager" chickens at Etzel Sugar Grove Farm

Here a chick…there a chick…

It has been a wonderful adventure raising my first clutch of chicks at the farm. From day one, they have been curious about their new home at Sugar Grove.  We have two different breeds in…

Please Don’t Abandon Your Critters

Several months ago, the Nature Center found something very unexpected in one of our animal exhibits: 3 more animals someone had added to the aquarium without permission and while we were helping another visitor. Thankfully,…

Championing Diversity in the Outdoors

Our work to create Champions of Nature through education and inspiration cannot be achieved without racial and social justice as well.
We stand in solidarity with those seeking justice and change, and are committed to doing our part to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion are at the forefront of our work. Everyone should feel welcome and safe to enjoy the outdoors.

We recognize we have work to do. It is not news that environmental organizations often lack in diversity, ourselves included. We are not a leader in this movement, but our goal is to be an ally. We are showing up by listening and educating ourselves, as well as taking action to be more inclusive and equitable in our work. In July 2019, we began a multi-year staff training and educational program in diversity, equity and inclusion. We are continuing those necessary and important conversations and applying what we learn in the work we do. We continue to ask ourselves what we can do to combat racism and inequality and are taking steps to diversify our opportunities and programming.

Just like you need nature, nature needs you!