Championing Diversity in the Outdoors

Championing Diversity in the Outdoors

Our work to create Champions of Nature through education and inspiration cannot be achieved without racial and social justice as well. We stand in solidarity with those seeking justice and change, and are committed to doing our part to ensure diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility are at the forefront of our work. Everyone should feel welcome and safe to enjoy the outdoors.

We recognize we have work to do. It is not news that environmental organizations often lack in diversity, ourselves included. We are not a leader in this movement, but our goal is to be an ally. We are showing up by listening and educating ourselves, as well as taking action to be more inclusive and equitable in our work. In July 2019, we began a multi-year staff training and educational program in diversity, equity and inclusion. We are continuing those necessary and important conversations and applying what we learn in the work we do. We continue to ask ourselves what we can do to combat racism and inequality and are taking steps to diversify our opportunities and programming.

Below are some resources, articles and other applicable information that may help guide us in our work, amplify melanated voices and highlight disparities in diversity in the outdoor industry.


How We Can Build an Anti-Racist Outdoor Industry by Ayesha McGowan for Outside Magazine

Breaking Down the Lack of Diversity in Outdoor Spaces – National Health Foundation

Why Every Environmentalist Should Be Anti-Racist by Leah Thomas for Vogue

Bad Things Happen in the Woods: the Anxiety of Hiking While Black by Candice Pires for The Guardian

It Matters Who You See in Outdoor Media by Carolyn Finney for Outside Magazine

We’re Here, You Just Don’t See Us by Latria Graham for Outside Magazine

Diversity in the Great Outdoors: Is Everyone Welcome in America’s Parks and Public Lands? by Reyna Askew and Margaret A. Walls for Resources Magazine

Black Bodies, Green Spaces by Taya Miles for New York TImes Op-ed

Photographing Nature While Black: One Man’s Quest to Make Green Spaces Less White by Kate Yoder for Grist

Black Communities are Reclaiming Space Outdoors, From Backyard Gardening to Mountain Climbing by Carla Bell for Yes! Magazine

“White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack and “Some Notes for Facilitators” by Peggy McIntosh

11 African American Outdoor Leaders Who Inspire Us (Hipcamp)

Historical Perspective on Racism in the Outdoors and Looking Forward (American Trails)

The Unbearable Whiteness of Hiking and How to Solve It (Sierra Club)

Pride outside: How the outdoor industry is missing out with a $1 trillion LGBTQ+ blind spot (Startland News)

What the outdoor rec industry doesn’t get about the LGBTQ community (High Country News)

Pride in their Voices (Outdoor Retailer)

12 LGBTQ+ Outdoor Leaders Making a Difference (Hipcamp)

These Proud LGBTQ Adventurers are Putting the ‘Out’ in Outdoors (Grist)

Have You Ever Seen an Openly Gay Guy in an Outdoors Ad? (Outside Magazine)

LGBTQ+ Adventurers, in Their Own Words (REI)

Why True Allyship is an Adventure (Outdoor Research)

LGBTQ+ Adventurers Are All About Getting Out in the Woods (Sierra Club)

The Outdoors Still Has a Major Diversity Problem (Shape Magazine)

How Outdoor Companies Can Back Up Their DEI Pledges (Outside Magazine)

Three Ways to Build a More Inclusive Outdoor Culture (Melanin Base Camp)

Building Cultural Empathy and Celebrating Diversity in Nature-Based Early Childhood Education (Natural Start)

The Benefits of Outdoor Education Aren’t Accessible to All (High Country News)

Yo Quento (Latino Outdoors Blog)

Latino Outdoors Doesn’t Want to be Extreme (Outside Magazine)

The strangeness of being a Latina who loves hiking (Vox)

Hiking is Not Just for Able-Bodied White People Anymore (Healthline)


Outdoorist Oath

50 Black, Indigenous & POC-Owned Outdoor Collectives to Support (Field Mag)

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Anti-racism resources

CR metro library resources on anti-racism

Center for Diversity & the Environment resources

Dismantling racism, a resource book

Racial Equity Tools

Showing Up for Racial Justice

Avarna – Insights & Resources for Environmental & Outdoor Leaders & Their Organizations

Ubunto Research & Evaluation

The Melanin Basecamp Guide to Outdoor Allyship

How to Respond to Coronavirus Racism (Learning for Justice)

Anti-Racism Resources to Support Asian-American, Pacific Islander Community

How to raise Kids to Be Allies

How Kids Can Be Allies

What White Children Need to Know About Race

Asian Americans and Racial Justice: Historical Context Slides

Problematic Statements and Questions

Stop AAPI Hate Reporting

Asian Americans Advancing Justice Tracking Hate Stories

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) Hate Crimes Task Force and Pro Bono Legal Resources

Infographics and accompanying videos for helping AAPI families talk to children and teens exposed to anti-Asian bullying and harassment

Asian American Mental Health Collective directory of APISAA therapists

AAPA Division on Practice list of COVID-related mental health resources

Free bystander intervention training to stop anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment

Pride Outside’s Community Generated Outdoor Events Map

A Guide to Gender Identity Terms (NPR)