COVID-19 Update

Like you, staff at the Indian Creek Nature Center are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. We are following the recommendations of Linn County Public Health and the CDC. We have received several questions which we want to share with you.

Questions you may have: 

  1. Is the Nature Center open to the public?
    • Yes! As always we are free and open to the public. Trails are open 365 days a year no matter the weather conditions or whether or not Amazing Space is open. Wondering if we are open? Call and ask: 319-362-0664 or visit our website to review our indoor hours here.
  2. Tell us about your sanitation measures at the Nature Center. 
    • We are sanitizing above and beyond our normal level of cleanliness. We have always had features in our building such as foot operated bathroom doors and automatic hand soap and hand dryers which help keep our environment as clean as possible. We are using EPA approved cleaning products.  
  3. Will you still be hosting your 37th annual Maple Syrup Festival
    • Yes! As of right now, we plan to host our beloved festival. Plan to join us at Amazing Space and the Penningroth Barn to participate in this fun, educational community event. If we have to postpone the Maple Syrup Festival we will communicate this decision widely once the decision is made. 
  4. We noticed some of your indoor displays have less items to pick up, examine and explore. Why is that? 
    • We have temporarily put away artifacts that are hard to clean, for example: animal artifacts and rock pillows. But! Mother Nature has all you need on our trails and outside our building to get your 20 minutes minimum recommended daily dose of nature. 
  5. Indian Creek Nature Center is a non-profit supported by the public, are you nervous about fewer people attending your public programs and events? 
    • Every single day we need you, our supporters, to keep our mission thriving. Just like the seasons of the year, there are times when it is best to stay home, best to be outside and best to be with other nature-loving, community minded people. We depend on the generosity of our everyday walk-in guests, our business partners and people like you to make donations to support the work of the Nature Center. We still need you to stay viable to the community.
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