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Amazing Space is located at 5300 Otis Road SE, Cedar Rapids. Our hours are the following:

March – October: Open daily 10am – 4pm
November – February: Closed Mondays, Open Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 4pm.

Our grounds/trails are open 365 days a year from 5 am – 10 pm. Dogs allowed on grounds and trails on a leash. Please do not bring pets into the Nature Center building. Service animals are welcome.

Our phone number is 319-362-0664 and our email is naturecenter@indiancreeknaturecenter.org. To contact a specific staff member, please visit our staff directory.

So much! We are free and open to the public 7 days a week, so stop in Amazing Space to check out the Exhibit Hall, browse the Creekside Shop, relax in the beautiful bird viewing room, or meet the reptiles and amphibians that live here. Hike our trails anytime, swing through our monarch hoop house (open in summer and fall), picnic on the patio, or play with your children in our Nature Explore certified outdoor classroom: Hazelnut Hideaway. We would also love it if you registered for a public program, workshop, or attended a special event!

Thank you for your interest in attending a public program. Did you know that Indian Creek Nature Center is a non-profit organization? This means that the small fee you pay for a program or special event directly supports our mission to create champions of nature through education and inspiration! To sign up for a program, workshop, or event on our website go to our Events Calendar and find the program you want to attend and select it. This will prompt you to a screen with info about the program as well as a button to register.

You can also call us during our open hours to register over the phone. Feel free to stop in during our open hours and register at the front desk.

Yes and yes! Stop in at the front desk during our open hours to grab a trail map and take advantage of our 5 miles of trails. You can also find our trail map online here. Dogs are welcome on trails, but keep your furry friend on a leash and pick up after them. Horses and bicycles are not allowed on our trails.

Not consistently. The Indian Creek Nature Center apiary is an educational apiary, meaning we use it as a teaching tool first and if we get enough honey to sell in our Creekside Shop, great. When we do not have a surplus of honey from our educational apiary, we source honey from local beekeepers in Linn County who follow our apiary management practices.

It’s a human instinct to help what looks to be an abandoned baby animal. Please do not remove it! Most likely, it’s mother is off looking for food leaving the small critter unattended, but it is not helpless.

We do not have the licenses to rehabilitate, remove, or care for mammals or birds. Depending on the species, Indian Creek Nature Center can provide you with phone numbers of wildlife rehabilitators that may be able to help. Otherwise, you can call Humane Wildlife Control: (319) 389-3183

We get a lot of requests to identify animals. Before asking our naturalists, check out this list of resources:

First, you must determine what species of insect is on your property. If you determine it is a honeybee hive, we might be able to help. Our network of volunteer beekeepers are occasionally interested in capturing swarms or performing cut outs, and we would be happy to put you in touch with them. These beekeepers are volunteers and may not have the time or interest in the capture of a swarm. If this ends up being the case or the hive is a species other than honeybees, call animal control at (319) 286-5993 or your preferred pest control service for further advice.

Great! We are a non-profit with a small staff, and our best work is done with the support of our dedicated volunteers. Your first step is to visit our volunteer page to learn about our volunteer program and complete an application. Our volunteer coordinator will be in touch once your application is received with next steps. We also have opportunities for individual and group service projects and volunteering for groups of all sizes at our special events. The forms are on the left hand side, complete the form for the group service project or volunteer opportunity you are interested in.

Photography and video for personal use, including with a paid photographer, are welcome on our grounds. Please be respectful of our programs, visitors, plants, wildlife and land while you capture memories on our trails. Filming and photography for commercial use in television, film or advertising is not permitted without a pre-authorized rental agreement. For more details please email us at naturecenter@indiancreeknaturecenter.org.

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