We LOVE our volunteers.

We have opportunities for volunteers of all kinds. Whether you are looking to be “on call,” have interest in a specific project, have a unique skill set to offer, or want to volunteer on a regular basis, we’d love to have you! Let us know what you’re interested in by completing the Volunteer Application. 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

Our volunteers make our mission possible — we couldn’t do it without them.

If you love nature, teaching kids, getting out on the land, or simply lending a helping hand, Indian Creek Nature Center is your place! ICNC’s important work would not be possible without volunteers. They share their unique talents and enthusiasm with an eagerness to learn. Volunteers unselfishly add an amazing source of energy and community support. From school field trips or special events to daily operations and land stewardship, all aspects of the Nature Center are enriched by the dedication of our volunteers.

We have opportunities that align with varying interests and skill sets:

Volunteer Contact:

Rachel Bailey | Program Registrar & Volunteer Coordinator | 319-362-0664

Please note: Some positions, such as those involving interaction with children, also require references and background checks.

“I have volunteered at the Nature Center for decades, so obviously it calls to me! The Nature Center is “my place.” It has everything for volunteers – great people, abundant learning opportunities, variety, and the chance to be a part of nature. When I spend time there I don’t just help in my community, I have a great time. I can’t imagine a week without my fix.”
– Mary Kopecky, Volunteer & Artist in Residence
“An essential part of my experience has been to learn from the great staff, fellow volunteers, and yes, the students as they ask intrepid questions. I would recommend volunteering at ICNC for anyone with an interest in making a difference. Thank you for letting me be part of the wonderful Indian Creek Nature Center team!”
– Steve Keane, Volunteer Teacher-Naturalist
“ICNC allows me to teach the fun stuff to kids of all ages. Teaching children about nature in Iowa is a reminder to me how important spending time outdoors is for everyone, even in bad weather, and just a couple hours of my time can make a huge difference in a child’s experience.”
– Jenni Semelroth, Volunteer Teacher-Naturalist

ICNC Volunteer Application

Fill out and submit the form below to apply and be considered for volunteer opportunities with Indian Creek Nature Center.