Help us protect nature for future generations!

At the Nature Center, we are committed to pass along this corner of the earth to our children in better shape than we found it. As we fill our lives with activities and to-do lists, it’s easy for families to skip outdoor activities and lose touch with the natural world. We ask you to invest in the next generation by helping us instill a love of nature and pass along the knowledge of how to care for our environment.

Your gift will make an immediate impact and will:

Now is the time to ensure we accomplish our commitment to the future with a gift to Indian Creek Nature Center.

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What is the Land & Creek Legacy Project?

Indian Creek Nature Center is currently fundraising for two major initiatives:

The purchase and protection of 26.6 acres of land adjoining Věčný Woods to the north, which will:

  • Protect picturesque woodlands and wildlife, including migrating warblers, rare yellow racer snakes, ornate box turtles, bobcats, hawks and more
  • Prevent development that would impact habitat and result in significant erosion of Věčný Woods
  • Expand the Nature Center’s property to 500.57 acres

The creation of the Indian Creek Exhibit, which will:

  • “Flow” through our exhibit hall and demonstrate the magic beneath Indian Creek’s surface
  • Share the story of Indian Creek’s flora & fauna throughout the seasons, including a variety of native species such as frogs, fish, turtles, otter, beaver, birds and more
  • Provide an opportunity for all ages and abilities to learn about Indian Creek and inform future generations about water & its impact on our daily lives

Both projects engage and excite people in learning about the outdoors and help fulfill the mission of the Nature Center to create a more sustainable future through environmental education, leadership in land protection and restoration and responsible interaction with nature.


Indian Creek Nature Center is a 1% for the Planet nonprofit partner. Click here to learn more about becoming a 1% member or member company so that your donation to Indian Creek Nature Center can make an even bigger impact.