Please avoid areas where signs show the trails are closed. We are working to restore and reroute storm-damaged trails. Please stay on marked trails and avoid closures for your safety & the long-term health of the trail.

Stay tuned for trail re-opening updates throughout the summer. 

Roughly five miles of trails wind through 210 acres of wetlands, riparian forests, maple sugarbush, tallgrass prairies and oak savannas at Indian Creek Nature Center. Nearby Vecny Woods has an additional 28 acres of massive hardwood trees stewarded by the Nature Center. Enjoy hiking, bird watching, cross-country skiing and fishing while you explore land in various stages of ecological restoration.

Trail Information and Maps

Self Guided Tours

Rules of the Trails

Please help us in our mission by following our Rules of the Trail:

  • Keep horses, bicycles, weapons and motorized vehicles off of the property.
  • Keep pets on leashes, and remove feces deposited by your animals.
  • Leave plants and wildlife undisturbed.
  • Do not release animals or introduce plants onto the property.
  • Carry out your trash.

CAUTION! Poison ivy is abundant. It may cause an itchy rash on humans, but it is an important wildlife food source. Poison oak does not live in Iowa.