All-Terrain Wheelchair Campaign

Expand Access to Nature

The All-Terrain Wheelchair Campaign will raise the $200,000 necessary to make nature more accessible at Indian Creek Nature Center by providing all-terrain wheelchairs as well as improving the trail system to make it more accessible for as many visitors as possible. 

Steve Kriz in all-terrain wheelchair during BioBlitz

“I’ve always wanted to get back hiking. When that all-terrain chair came around, that was a big opportunity. I enjoyed just sitting there, for the quiet. And the wind. Let the wind do the talking.

Steve Kriz, Friend of Indian Creek Nature Center

Steve Kriz has enjoyed hiking and the outdoors since exploring the wilderness with his grandfather as a child. After an injury suffered at age 19, Steve’s mobility began to worsen and he eventually transitioned from using a cane to using a wheelchair. For decades, Steve was unable to experience nature in the same, meaningful way he did in his youth — until he got access to an all-terrain wheelchair last summer.

All-terrain wheelchairs provide the freedom many take for granted, such as navigating uneven terrain, going up hills, and exploring the outdoors on their own or with family and friends. Indian Creek Nature Center believes that nature is a place for everybody, and every body.

Steve Kriz using all-terrain wheelchair

Ensuring access to nature has as few barriers as possible is critical to ICNC’s mission. During our two-week BioBlitz in the summer of 2023, Indian Creek Nature Center rented three all-terrain wheelchairs and made them available to reserve for free. 

Steve got to try an all-terrain wheelchair for the first time and he thought “it was pretty cool.” His wife, Vickie, noticed it, too. “Being able to go out onto the trails and just sit and listen to some of those sounds that he doesn’t normally get to hear — that means a lot to him. He had the biggest smile on his face.” 

The availability of all-terrain wheelchairs will be an incredible community asset to help those with permanent or temporary mobility challenges experience more of ICNC’s property, learn from nature, and enjoy its physical and mental health benefits. 

Campaign Goals

Acquire Three All-Terrain Wheelchairs

The purchase of three all-terrain wheelchairs is a substantial investment in expanding access to nature in Cedar Rapids.

Indian Creek Nature Center sees this as a long-term addition to our offerings and is also raising funds to cover the ongoing maintenance of two adult-sized and one child-sized all-terrain wheelchairs. 

For people with mobility impairments that prevent them from taking a traditional hike, these chairs have the ability to expand access to many parts of the property.

Offering ICNC’s visitors the chance to use an all-terrain wheelchair at no cost is an incredible opportunity for individuals with permanent or temporary mobility impairments or disabilities to access nature in a more in-depth way and to get out on the trails.

A trailer for storing and transporting the all-terrain wheelchairs is planned, but is fundraising dependent.

Create Accessible Trails

Time spent in nature has countless mental and physical health benefits that all people should be able to realize. ICNC believes that accessibility to its property and trails is an inherent part of its work to expand and serve all people. 

Unique adaptations can be made for those who are interested, but unable to experience the outdoors, while also considering the overall ecological health of the land.

That is why ICNC is embarking on the project to purchase outdoor wheelchairs and prepare our trail system for their use. These wheelchairs allow our trails to be accessible while preserving the natural landscape that makes the outdoor such a healing place.

Trail improvements could include laying mulch or gravel on a trail, reinforcing bridges and other structures, implementing erosion control measures and more, all of which will create a pleasurable outdoor experience for visitors with mobility impairments. 

All-terrain wheelchairs on the trail

Increase Access to Nature

Naming Rights Opportunities

All donations of $1,000 and above will be recognized in the annual report and online.

All-terrain wheelchair donors ($20,000 and above) have the option to be listed on a chair with their company logo, in addition to the above benefits. 

$50,000 secures exclusive rights to one chair (three chairs available)

$20,000 for shared rights to one chair (up to three donors acknowledged per chair)

Donor will be displayed on the trailer wrap

$50,000 (one exclusive or up to 25 other amounts)

*Trailer is planned, but is fundraising dependent

Supports annual maintenance of all seven miles of trails, including a 20-foot-wide corridor.

$25,000 (one exclusive or up to 25 other amounts)

Supports annual improvements to the trail in 1/4-mile increments. 

$25,000 (one exclusive or up to 10 at lesser amount)

Contact Info

If you have questions about how you can support this campaign, please contact Sarah Halbrook, Director of Development & Marketing, at 319-362-0664 or