Help make snowshoeing accessible for all ages at ICNC!

By Nature Center Board Member Emily Flowergarden

My family and I love being outside in all seasons. Snow and very cold temperatures used to make it difficult to stay active outside in winter, but I knew if I could find a fun winter sport I could stay engaged in the outdoors even in cold months. It was not until I learned to snowshoe in 2020 when I finally believed this! I purchased a snowshoe set at my favorite local outfitter, SOKO Outfitters. I began snowshoeing every chance I could and invited my friends out to join me. It is an excellent way to get your daily nature pill (at least 20 minutes outside each day!), though I get 5 times that when I am snowshoeing because I enjoy it so much. During the pandemic, when it’s been safest to be outside, it has allowed me to stay connected with friends.

I want to ensure everyone has the same opportunity to enjoy winter the way I have. That’s why, as a Nature Center board member, I am very excited to announce our fundraiser to completely outfit the Nature Center with a full set (30 pairs) of composite snowshoes with poles in various sizes to fit the littlest feet as well as the biggest. 

ICNC currently has a collection of wooden, plastic, and metal framed snowshoes in a variety of sizes that can be rented (or free to household plus members and above). Many are outdated and need to be regularly repaired. Having new sets is important to give everyone a chance to enjoy winter recreation — it would allow program participants, school groups, families, and people of all ages to snowshoe with each person having a comfortable pair that fits.

ICNC is raising $2,500 for 30 complete sets of composite snowshoes. This is made possible through a partnership with SOKO Outfitters to get the best product at the lowest price. The fundraiser begins NOW! Snowshoes will be purchased during the 2022-23 season. Additional dollars raised will go toward trail recovery. 

I hope you will join me by making a donation today to support this effort to outfit snow adventurers of all ages. Being able to enjoy the Nature Center’s trails even in the snow makes continuing to recreate at ICNC the natural choice. AND, as a special bonus… The first 25 donors to donate $25 or more to this initiative will receive an invitation to a snowshoe program with Paul Sueppel, Store Manager at SOKO, snowshoe savant, and THE outdoor enthusiast. His passion for snowshoeing and being active in nature is second to none. Join me and Paul in showing passion and enthusiasm for enjoying nature in all seasons by donating today!

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