Jan was out with a preschool group tapping maple trees this morning and noticed the telltale sign of otters at play!

The otters have been playing in the snow along Indian Creek! People often ask if we see them, but a sighting of an actual otter is rare. They are primarily nocturnal but winter snow tells the tale of their nighttime antics.

Otters often bound over the snow, flop down on their bellies and slide across the snow like a kid down water slide. You can see slides and tail drags in the photos. Otters have wandered in and out of the creek to bound and slide across the sand bars as they moved upstream. 

Otters leave their footprints on a snowy sandbar in Indian Creek
You can see the trail of tails dragging alongside the footprints


Hop...slide...hop...slide...down the creek they go


Otters hop then slide on their bellies across the snow




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