We witness the “circle of life” every day at the Nature Center.  Land Steward Jean Wiedenheft gives us a look at how it works. The full album of photos can be found on our Facebook page. (Note: Some of the photos may be a little graphic for some).

One of the leading causes of death for white tail deer is automobile collisions. The trail camera provides us with a rarely seen perspective of what happens next. We’d be overwhelmed if it was not for scavengers, ranging from the bald eagle to the carrion beetle. The carcass provides a valuable food source for all sorts of animals. Raccoons, coyotes, and crows are all opportunistic scavengers. The fresh supply of protein and nutrients is important this time of year, as they begin to prepare to raise the next generation of young. The speed at which scavengers can reduce a carcass to bone is impressive. These pictures are from the first five days.  



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