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John and Lynn Weber have been enjoying and supporting Indian Creek Nature Center in a number of ways since they moved to the Cedar Rapids area in the late 1980s. They brought their own children for family excursions and staycations (before the term staycation was even coined) and now they relish the opportunity to share time at the Nature Center with their grandchildren, as well. Early in 2023 the Webers became lifetime members, and a few months later they invested in ICNC’s endowment, via 50 Donors Celebrating 50 Years. Here is what John shared when reflecting on the 50th anniversary of ICNC …

“As Lynn and I look back, Indian Creek Nature Center has been a place of great experiences and memories for our family. We moved to Cedar Rapids in 1988 and, being a young family, we started to look around for outdoor activities to enjoy with our children.

“In the early years it was long walks on the trails and the joy of seeing deer walk right in front of us. Looking back at the multitude of pictures we shot, we were reminded of the kids climbing Old Henry and the coins we would place on the railroad tracks at the beginning of our walks, along with the time spent searching for the coins after the trains had passed. The photos and memories bring smiles to our faces.

“Many winter hikes up in the pine groves at what was then the northeast portion of the Nature Center with the snow sifting through the trees brought such a calm feeling. As the years have gone by our children have blessed us with grandchildren, and along with the stories and pictures, they are now taking in the Nature Center with visits and experiencing the many Summer Camps, first at the Penningroth Barn and now at the Amazing Space campus.

“Everyone who is a part of the Nature Center should be very proud of not only the history and the land that is being respected, but the great future that is building forward.  

“Lynn and I would like to say thank you for creating a Nature Center that not only educates, but also shows by action how we can and should respect our environment.” 

As the Webers explored Indian Creek Nature Center with their children they discovered Olde Henry. This picture of Brayton in the tree back in 1990 has been framed on their wall for years. Many of the adventures they’ve had exploring the trails have become cherished memories.
When Amazing Space was built, John and Lynn Weber made a donation in honor of their grandchildren. You can find a log in their honor on the donor wall in the auditorium.
Decades after their parents began exploring Indian Creek Nature Center as children, the Weber’s grandchildren are now enjoying the same trails. Above you can see them at ICNC during a Creek Camp this summer.


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