50 Donors Celebrating 50 Years

Become one of our 50 donors!

As a donor to The Fund for the Future, you’ll become a stakeholder in the future of Indian Creek Nature Center and have an outsized impact on our efforts to build a more sustainable world.

Please make a donation at our 50 Donors Celebrating 50 Years online form or contact Sarah Halbrook, Director of Development and Marketing, at shalbrook@indiancreeknaturecenter.org.

Meet our 50 Donors

Generous individuals and organizations are coming together to celebrate our 50th anniversary by investing in the future of Indian Creek Nature Center.

Every donor has contributed $2,000 to the Fund for the Future to provide a steady source of funding for years to come.


Indian Creek Nature Center has been our strategic partner for decades on our environmental stewardship and sustainability initiatives and we look forward to another 50 years!

Indian Creek Nature Center is a unique and special asset for this community and on behalf of Bankers Trust thank you to your staff and leadership for enriching our lives with everything you do.

Our family has always loved exploring the outdoors in any season. We feel it’s important to ensure future generations can do the same. That’s why we are contributing to The Fund for the Futue so the Indian Creek Nature Center can sustain its Amazing Space.

We are all ancestors. It is our privilege & obligation to support the efforts of the Indian Creek Nature Center for the generations to come.

One of our first Iowa experiences, in July 1977, was a snake program led by Director Curt Abdouch. We sat on the barn floor with the children and passed the snake around. That’s when we knew we made the right decision to move to Cedar Rapids.