Sustainability Tips: New Year’s Resolutions for the Planet Lover

By Kileen Granata, GSA Supervisor
It’s the start of a new year, and if you haven’t settled on your resolution for the year, we have some sustainable ideas to add to your list.
Eat Less Meat
  • It’s no secret that the animal farming industry is a major cause of climate change. The amount of resources needed to care for animals, the waste produced and where it ends up, as well as the natural resources harmed by factory farming are only a few reasons why you should consider a veggie-heavy diet.
  • In our Creekside Shop, we have “Your True Nature” t-shirts that give a portion of their profits to organizations dedicated to creating a sustainable world. What you wear sends a message!
Skip Single Use Products
  • In the U.S. alone, 58 billion single use, paper cups are used every year. Trees are harvested, chemicals are emitted into the environment and a great deal of energy is used just to produce the cups. Reduce the amount of single use cups and bottles with the reusable coffee mugs and Nalgene bottles we sell in our shop, for example.
  • Plastic bags are convenient for lunches but not for the planet. That’s why we stock Bee’s Wrap and Planet Wise items! They are some of the best alternative ways to wrap food without the waste. In fact, Bee’s Wrap packaging and the wraps themselves are compostable!
Say Goodbye to Plastics
  • 500,000,000 plastic straws are thrown away EVERY DAY in the U.S., which greatly impacts our oceans and marine life. Indian Creek Nature Center sells stainless steel straws that are a great alternative.
  • Only 2 percent of plastic bags produced actually get recycled. If you have a reusable bag, be sure to use it. If you don’t, check out our  reusable Chico bags, canvas bags and I <3 CR bags (made from old sand bags). Join the movement to reduce plastic waste! 
Skip That Flight
  • Traveling is a huge source of greenhouse gas emissions. If you must fly, try to find a non-stop flight. About 25% of airplane emissions are from taking off and landing.
  • Vacation locally! There are plenty of places to see and things to do right here in Iowa. Visit for ideas.
  • If you’re up for outdoor adventure, “travel” along Indian Creek Nature Center’s five miles of trails. Purchase a book from our gift shop to help identify plants, animals and trees you’ll see along your route. We also have walking sticks available to add some comfort to your hike.
What are your resolutions? Will you be a Champion of Nature this year? Let us know in the comments and share on social media (tag #championofnature & #indiancreeknaturecenter)!
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