Amazing Space update: What’s in a Ceiling?

March 7, 2016

Building progress is moving forward on schedule! Crews are staining the large, exposed wooden beams running through the building, or trusses. Where this is completed, they are installing tectum panels. Tectum is a wood-based, sound-absorbing system. This will reduce noise and improve the acoustics throughout the building. The tectum panels, shown below installed in the building, come pre-finished.

IMG_20160303_130801329Made in the USA

Tectum is manufactured in Ohio, and the raw products that go into tectum come from Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio. They come in standard widths from the factory and are cut to length at the factory, minimizing waste and minimizing installation time.

Sustainable grown, sustainably harvested.

Tectum is made from the fibers of Trembling Aspen, a tree that regrows in 10-15 years and reproduces by suckering. This allows the same trees to continually grow and be re-harvested. The trees and the harvesting process are Forest Stewardship Council certified.


Close up of tectum panel, installed on the ceiling to absorb sound.

Tectum panels are one of the many sustainable elements of the Amazing Space building. Stay tuned for more updates!



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