No more fiberglass: sustainable insulation alternative

The sustainability of a building really comes down to a snug, well-designed envelope. The walls, windows, doors, roof and floor are what prevent cold air from escaping the building in the summer and warm air from escaping the building in the winter. A good envelope has a high thermal resistance, or R-value. This equals sustained low energy usage and low energy bills.

Ecobatt® Insulation is an environmentally-friendly replacement to traditional fiberglass insulation. With an R-A9 insulation value, it is part of the wall system that provides a snug R-30 building envelope. The batts are made of sand and recycled bottle glass that form a glass mineral wool. The binder that holds it all together is a renewable, bio-based material that is petroleum and formaldehyde-free.

Ecobatt® Insulation is one of the many products Indian Creek Nature Center is using to meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge, and to create one of the most sustainable buildings in the Midwest.

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