Wetland Restoration

The Indian Creek Nature Center has two wetland restorations.

Wetland Septic System

Located behind the barn is a constructed wetland septic system that consists of two basins. Drain and toilet waste enters the first basin underground. As dirty water slowly crosses the basin it becomes purified by plant and bacterial action. First basin water then flows through an underground pipe into the second basin where plants complete the treatment process.

Wetland septic systems are a viable option to homeowners who do not have the space or proper soil for a conventional septic system. Wetland systems also enable homeowners to have a wetland garden in their yards. It adds a new dimension to home landscaping.

Lynch Wetland

The Lynch Wetland as it looked following restoration in the summer of 1999The Paul and Sigrund Lynch Wetland is located a half mile west of the Nature Center barn along Otis Road. Once a natural wetland, the area was drained during railroad construction in 1859. Generous gifts from Sigrund Lynch and various conservation groups in the late 1990s enabled the Center to restore the wetland.

It now consists of two large ponds with about two acres of water surface. Orange Spotted Sunfish were introduced into the reconstructed wetlands at Indian Creek Nature CenterDozens of species of terrestrial and aquatic plants and wildlife have been introduced and flourish, including a population of state-threatened grass pickerel. A handicapped-accessible trail winds through the site. This is an ideal site for students doing water studies. It includes decks and interpretation.

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