Permeable Paving

GrassPave Permeable Paving

Volunteers install the rubber grating for the grasspave installation near the barn at the Indian Creek Nature CenterPermeable paving, unlike standard asphalt or concrete, holds rainwater underground and on-site, instead of sheeting off the surface and contaminating Indian Creek. Planted in 2009, the grass reduces the heat-island affect while providing structure for vehicles and pedestrians.  Our GrassPave permeable paving is located outside the east side of the barn and between prairie gate bridge and the suspension bridge south of the building.

The finished grasspave walkway stretches from the entrance walk to the footbridge behind the barn at the Indian Creek Nature CenterGrasspave2 fulfills the same function as asphalt by providing a load-bearing, sturdy structure for people to walk on or drive on. It provides the aesthetics of grass, does not heat up the way asphalt does, and, like other permeable paving systems, holds rainwater in a gravel bed underneath the surface. The water retention allows the rainwater to percolate slowly into the surrounding surface over time, allowing contaminants to settle out and reduces fast-moving surface water that scours out rivers and creeks and contributes to flooding. The Nature Center selected Grasspave2 from the Coleman Moore Company in part because it is fairly simple to install. It was installed in partnership with Metro High School students.

Permeable Concrete

The crew from Eggleston Concrete lays and rolls the permeable paving on the front walk at the Indian Creek Nature Center in the summer of 2010Permeable concrete fulfills the same function as standard concrete by providing a load-bearing, sturdy structure for people to walk or drive on. The large size of the limestone chips in the concrete allow water to percolate downward, into a gravel bed underneath the concrete, where the water is held. Installed at the Nature Center in 2010 by Eggleston Concrete, our permeable concrete welcomes visitors on the front walk to the building. King’s Masonry and Landscapecan also provide permeable pavers that provide load-bearing capability while significantly reducing runoff associated with traditional hard surfaces.

Americorps volunteers help lay a permeable walkway next to the Nature Center barn.

Permeable pavers, which form the walkway along the side of the barn and Sense of Wonder outdoor classroom, are another concrete alternative. The base of the walkway is prepared in much the same way as the poured permeable concrete with graduated sizes of gravel underneath but then paver “stones” are laid like brick on the gravel bed. Sand and small stones are used as filler, allowing the water to slowly percolate downward.

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