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We’ve had a busy couple of days here at the Nature Center, which is leading up to a busier weekend! Have you made plans to come to the 26th Annual Maple Syrup Festival?

For those of you who would like a behind-the-scenes peek at what we’ve been up to:


Volunteers fill syrup dispensers from jugs of maple syrup that we have in storage from previous years. We keep these jugs at the bottom of the silo steps, which is a cool enough place to store syrup for many years. (Can you tell the 2008 “vintage” from the 2007?) We definitely use up syrup faster than it goes bad… I bet it’s the same way at your house!


Tents and propane grills are set up outside. Don’t those grills just look like they’re anxiously waiting to cook pancakes? Because I know I’m anxiously waiting to eat them!

The upstairs dining room in the auditorium. We also have a downstairs dining room in the exhibit area, making this event completely accessible!

Support your local Nature Center: Join us this weekend for a good time and a great breakfast!

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