Saturday (with sticky fingers)

(Please note: All of the photos from today’s entry are brought to you by our Official Syrup Fest Photographer, nine-year-old Tori Wood.)

What a Saturday! Day one of our Annual Maple Syrup Festival

This was what the line looked like early in the day, but after awhile, we had people lined up across the road! (The line moved surprisingly fast: from the time you reached the line to the time you were sitting and eating, less than 15 minutes passed!)

While chowing down on some delicious pancakes (with maple syrup from our own trees), we had musicians from the community to entertain the crowd. All of the acts were fantastic. One woman was so pleased that she bought a bottle of maple syrup from the store as a gift for a particular performer!

Outside, our education stations provided the crowd with a look at how maple syrup has been produced throughout American history.

Today, we make syrup in a large evaporator, which is housed (as shown above) in our Sugar House. (Sugar Houses or Shacks are a tradition that have made their way to us from New England.) At the festival, you can visit our Sugar House and meet the head of our syrup production, Fred Balster.

Did you miss out on the Festival today? Don’t fret! Join us tomorrow (Sunday, March 8th) from 9 AM until 1 PM. And don’t forget to set your clocks forward tonight. We wouldn’t want you to miss breakfast!

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