The rain barrel wrap up… or is it?

Unless you were asleep (or otherwise busy with your fabulous life), you probably know that we sold and distributed quite a few rain barrels this spring – 600 to be exact!

The rain barrel sale was a fundraiser, but more than that it was a big part of our spring watershed initiative. Indian Creek Nature Center has a place in its heart for keeping a few extra gallons out of the Cedar River and Indian Creek, one rainstorm at a time.

We pre-sold the barrels and received them in two very large shipments. But what do you do if you still want one of our amazing Mobys?

Call us up (362-0664) and let us know! The plan is to keep a small number of Mobys in stock this fall and winter. The small batches will increase the price a little ($110 instead of $100), but it will mean that you’ll get to install your barrel and collect that sweet summer rain!

Update: We’re famous! Check out the wonderful spot that KWWL had on the rain barrels Friday night!

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