The Emerald Ash Borer: What we know.

Many of you loyal blog readers probably know that the Emerald Ash Borer has been found in Iowa. (Allamakee County, to be exact. Check out the official statement here.) While the state of Iowa fought the good fight, it’s time to talk about what we do now.

FIREWOOD. The DNR is recommending that you buy firewood where you are staying and burn it completely. In the very least, buy or procure your firewood as close to where you are burning as possible. And for pete’s sake, don’t carry firewood across county lines. (Or across state lines, but that’s been a good rule for awhile.)

DIVERSITY. Nature counts on biodiversity to survive. It’s that simple. When we create a monoculture, we make it easy for diseases like Dutch Elm (carried by a beetle) or pests like the Emerald Ash borer to spread. When we line every street in the country with stately, beautiful but similar trees, we can’t be surprised when diseases and pests are able to change the face of the American landscape.

Plant diversity. Plant native. And this way, plant for the future.

(Photo above from here. Don’t reuse it without giving them credit!)

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