Sustainability Tip: Go Green this Fourth of July

Planning something fun for your fourth of July weekend? Whether you’ll be at home grilling out or enjoying the outdoors, we’ve got some suggestions to make your patriotic celebrations a little more “green.”

Don’t litter

 Use reusable silverware, cups and plates at your picnic / BBQ
    • That means no plastic forks, folks. We know it means more dish washing (maybe you can recruit help from friends?), but just think of all the plastic you’ll be diverting from the landfill! If dish washing is not an option, consider compostable options. 
    • We sell reusable items like these in our Creekside Shop!
    • While you’re at it, why not take the #plasticfreejuly challenge and try it for the whole month! Maybe you’ll create a new habit for lasting change.

More veggies, less meat

Choose mineral sunscreen

Leave the fireworks to the professionals
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