It’s officially Autumn, and it’s time for something new and exciting from the Nature Center! For the last few months, our staff members in conjunction with Metro High School have been hard at work on the new Sense of Wonder trail, an outdoor interactive experience geared towards children, but for people of all ages.

A new movement has emerged (geared in part by Richard Louv’s book Last Child in the Woods) that is concentrating on correcting “Nature Deficit Disorder”, or the general lack of outdoor activities of our nation’s youth. The Nature Center’s mission has always been in line with getting children into the world of nature, but the collaboration with Metro came at a fortuitous time!

A lot of exciting progress has been made in the last few weeks…

grasspave installPermeable pave (also called “grass pave”) was installed all around the building. This not only will create a more natural look for our play area, but when the grass starts to grow up through the holes, rainwater will soak in, instead of running off as it would on normal pavement. (In heavy rain situations, we’ll be helping to keep Indian Creek from flooding!)

You currently can catch the grass pave at an interesting time. Come see the newly installed pave, then cross the bridge over the ravine (take any of the paths behind the barn to reach points to cross the ravine) to see grass pave that was put in early this summer. This latter pave is in it’s growing stages, so be sure to take a peek!


Here you can see the brand new stage that we put in this summer, along with Metro staff and students planting flowers around it!

Even more exciting: We will soon be having our Sense of Wonder open house! Join us on October 18th to check the trail out for yourself. Click here for more information!

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