Preschoolers and Moms: Busy as Bees!

Last month, MOMS Club of Cedar Rapids – South* brought eight preschoolers out for one of our most exciting preschool programs: Busy, Buzzing Bees!

New ImageThe preschoolers were just as busy as the bees as they jumped to answer Margaret’s bee questions. One was even brave enough to put on the beekeeper’s bonnet!

The Nature Center schedules many programs like this for small groups, schools and scouts. To find out more, visit our website and explore the preschool, school, home school and other youth programs that we offer.

MOMS Club is joining us again on October 20th for our bat program, and they are inviting other preschoolers to join them. We hope to see you and your group soon for one of our fall or winter programs!

* MOMS Club of Cedar Rapids – South is support group for stay-at-home Moms and is welcoming more members from the SE and SW side of Cedar Rapids. If you want more information, please email: or call Shelley at 364-2179.

Many thanks to Nadine Brock for her help with this entry.

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