Group hike on Christiansen Prairie Loop

New Signs Coming to ICNC Trails

Keeping the Grounds Healthy and Beautiful

Signs like above will be posted at the entrances to the Indian Creek Nature Center trail systems.

Thanks to the generosity of Rob Lindsey-Nassif and Patricia Acton, new signs displaying our property rules will be installed at the entrances to our trail system. Placing these signs will help every trail user know how they can contribute to the long-term health and beauty of our trails and grounds.

Each rule has been carefully chosen to protect wildlife, preserve restored habitats and maintain trails that are safe, accessible and enjoyable.

Property Rules

Carry out your trash.

Leave only footprints. Take only memories. There are no garbage cans on Indian Creek Nature Center grounds because every visitor is expected to leave with anything they bring. This preserves the beauty of the trails and protects the health of the plants and animals.

Do not dig or destroy plants.

Digging out a plant does more damage than simply removing that plant from the ground. Plants can take years to establish deep roots that reduce erosion, filter rainwater and maintain healthy soil. Find a flower you love? Take a moment to pause, enjoy it and then leave it for the next visitor.

Do not disturb any wildlife.

While seeing a deer, butterfly or cardinal can be one of the most thrilling moments of a hike across Nature Center grounds, it’s vital that visitors give wildlife space. Animals are not adapted to human handling, and even a minor injury can lead to an animal that is unable to properly feed itself or its young.

The taking of fish, turtles, frogs or other wildlife (including catch and release) is prohibited.

The woodlands, prairies and wetlands at Indian Creek Nature Center have been restored to create a safe haven for wildlife. The devastating loss of habitat for these animals requires us to provide a home where they can live and flourish in peace. 

Do not release animals or introduce plants.

The habitats protected at the Nature Center thrive because of balance. Introducing plants or animals to these habitats can skew that balance. Creating habitats that favor native and diverse species is hard work made harder when unexpected plants and animals are introduced.

Horses, bicycles, weapons and motorized vehicles are prohibited.

The trail system is a place visitors come to find peace, solitude and rejuvenation. Prohibiting horses, bicycles, weapons and motorized vehicles helps to keep the grounds a safe, welcoming and relaxing place for all.

Keep pets on leashes, and clean up after your animals.

A four-legged friend is a wonderful companion during a hike, but not all visitors have the same level of comfort with dogs and other pets. By leashing your pet and cleaning up after them you are playing an important role in keeping the trail system safe, clean and beautiful.

Thank you for contributing to the long-term health and beauty of the grounds and trails you enjoy at Indian Creek Nature Center.

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