Moving day, part one.

[Picture coming very, very soon — I have to load it to the blog from my home computer]

This is look of progress… sort of. We’re rearranging offices this week at the Nature Center. It’s kind of a musical chairs situation with Jan and Jean going into Rich’s office, Rich going into Jan’s office, Margaret moving (officially) in with Nancy, and we have a whole room for resource materials/storage/file cabinets full of “stuff”. The Resource Room is where our office manager, Dana, is happily working away for the time being, and the auditorium (pictured above) is still a jumble of reception, exhibit and Dana’s office.

Sometime this fall, reception and Dana will move back downstairs in a new and exciting configuration. At the moment, we don’t have a concrete timeline on when that big move will happen, but I’m sure we all will welcome the day with open arms, staff and patron alike.

So what does this mean for you, our loyal Nature Center patron? Well…

1) When you come to the building, you will still enter up the front steps and into the auditorium. You will see the receptionist (Liana or Kay) at our makeshift front desk.

2) If you are coming for a public program, like one of the programs featured in our calendar of events, call ahead to see if the program is meeting at the barn, or at the wetland parking lot. If you forget to call, or just head out to the program on a whim, check at the building first. If no one is here, head down Otis Road to the wetland–it’s less than half a mile.

3) WE ARE SCHEDULING FALL PROGRAMS! School groups, scout groups, daycare groups, etc. Though everything upstairs looks like a mess, we have ample space to hold programs outdoors and indoors. To check out our available programs for K-6, click here. For younger children, click here. (Also, did you know that the Nature Center offers a scheduled set of programs for home schooled children? Click here to find out more.)

Give us a call at (319)362-0664, and be quick! September availability is going fast! basically gone! Try for October!

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