Maple Syruping Season Donations Needed

Our land and education team are in need of donations for the maple syruping season. Please see the list below. Thank you in advance for your generosity! For any questions please call 319-362-0664. Thank you!
Collection and Tree Tapping Supplies Needed:
Cordless drill or Brace and Bit-to bore a hole in the tree
Bit (7/16″)-clean and sterilize before each use
Spiles-either metal or wooden
Hammer-to tap in the spile
Field Strainer-filter out any debris that may comes from field collection
Transport and Collection Vessels-should be sterilized and food grade only
Boiling Equipment:
Large kettle or pan to boil sap in
Camp stove or large outside boiling space
Candy Thermometer or a thermometer that reads up to 225 degrees
Cloth to filter sugar and sand from the syrup (several layers of flannel, terry cloth, or wool)
Clothes pins-hold filter cloth to edges of similar sized container
Clean, sterile canning jars with lids
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