ICNC Sustainers

You Can Sustainably Sustain Sustainability.

ICNC Sustainers make monthly contributions that provide vital, steady support for Indian Creek Nature Center. Monthly gifts are easy to set up and adjust, payments are automatic, and giving fits easily into any budget. You can sustainably sustain sustainability when you become an ICNC Sustainer.

Monthly giving is giving sustainably.

Since your payments continue electronically without interruption for as long as you want, you eliminate the need for paper reminders. This method of paperless giving saves a few trees and reduces administrative costs, meaning more of your gift goes to the programs and projects you are passionate about.

You sustain our mission to build a more sustainable future when you commit to monthly giving.

As an ICNC Sustainer you, and other sustaining donors, will provide a steady stream of funding to ensure Indian Creek Nature Center has the resources to maintain and expand our efforts to connect people with nature.

Your support strengthens our ability to discover and showcase ways to live, farm and learn sustainably.

Implementing regenerative agricultural practices on the Etzel Sugar Grove Farm. Using eco-friendly methods to maintain our trails and grounds. Building facilities powered by the sun and heated by geothermal. All these efforts that demonstrate a more sustainable future are possible because of our generous donors.

When you become an ICNC Sustainer you sustainably sustain sustainability. Please give today!


Testimonials from ICNC Sustainers

“I choose to be a monthly donor to ICNC because I want the woods, wetlands, and prairie to be well cared for so that they may continue to care for us. I choose a sustaining contribution because these ecosystems are sustaining us with clean air, clean water, resistance to floods, shade, pollinators for a stable food system, medicines, space to relax and find peace, opportunities to explore and be wild with wildlife, and beauty. Caring for these lands is caring for ourselves.” – Darrow Center
“Nature is peaceful, calming, and healing. We experienced so much destruction from the derecho and restoring what was lost is important. Supporting the Indian Creek Nature Center means generations to come can benefit from the peace, calm, and healing nature provides.” – Destiny Hastings
“We recognize how valuable recurring giving is to an organization. It allows for better budget planning and reduces costs involved with solicitation and reminders. Personally, we like that we can “set it and forget it,” taking the guesswork out of whether we’ve renewed our support. Sustained giving is the way to go and we’re pleased that ICNC offers this option.” – Allan and Jennifer Boettger


If you have questions about becoming an “ICNC Sustainer,” please contact Membership & Development Coordinator Laura McGrath at  (319) 362-0664.