Chris and Suzy DeWolf Endowment Challenge


New Lifetime Memberships will be matched by The Chris and Suzy DeWolf Endowment Challenge

We are pleased to share that the Chris and Suzy DeWolf Endowment Challenge will match, dollar-for-dollar, up to 25 lifetime memberships of $1,000 each when purchased between May 1, 2023 and October 14, 2023.

Becoming a lifetime member now will double the impact your membership has on Indian Creek Nature Center for years to come!

Chris and Suzy DeWolf, who co-own the Lil’ Drug Store Products family of businesses, have donated generously to causes including community and economic development, education, at-risk children and families, healthcare, arts and cultural opportunities, and more.

The DeWolfs believe that the success of their business is only possible because of their team’s shared values in giving their collective time, talent and financial resources to each other and the communities they serve.

Indian Creek Nature Center is grateful for their support of our endowment.

Help us reach our goal of 25 new lifetime members!


Lifetime Memberships

Lifetime memberships secure you with membership benefits year after year while advancing Indian Creek Nature Center’s mission far into the future.

Each lifetime membership is deposited into an endowment fund to benefit Indian Creek Nature Center. The $1,000 contribution grows the fund while a distribution of the interest is paid to the Nature Center each year, acting as your membership dues and supporting land restoration projects, educational programs, and more.

In addition to investing in the future of our environment and the Nature Center, you will receive personal perks. You will receive all membership benefits, plus an invitation to a lifetime membership reception, recognition on our lifetime member display and knowing your membership will continue without any reminders or wondering about your membership status.

Join the Chris and Suzy DeWolf Endowment Challenge

You can get all the perks of being a lifetime member while doubling the impact you have on the future health of Indian Creek Nature Center and the land, plants, animals and people benefitting from our mission to create a more sustainable future.