Honey Fest post… sort of.

Well, Honey Fest went off without a hitch! We had about 500 people turn out, and a great time was had by all!

Soon (I hope), I will be able to snag someone who took pictures (of kids making candles, of the bee beard, of the complete sell out of honey…) so I can put them up here.

So, Honey Month is finally over. We have taken to “buttoning up the bees” at night (that’s what Bob calls it, but he also told me that the bees wear little sweaters and booties, so I’m not sure that I trust him). October has turned chilly on us–but not chilly enough to keep us off the trails. The flora is turning, the fauna is preparing for a long winter, and we’re trucking right along.

Speaking of trucking along: our flood recovery efforts have took a turn for the better. I don’t have full details as of right now, but check back soon. Great things are going to be happening around the center!

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