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At the Nature Center, we are committed to pass along this corner of the earth to our children in better shape than we found it. As we fill our lives with activities and to-do lists, it’s easy for families to skip outdoor activities and lose touch with the natural world. We ask you to invest in the next generation by helping us instill a love of nature and pass along the knowledge of how to care for our environment.

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Now is the time to ensure we accomplish our commitment to the future with a gift to Indian Creek Nature Center.

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What is the Land & Creek Legacy Project?

At Indian Creek Nature Center, we are always innovating and looking to the future.

After reaching a HUGE milestone by achieving Living Building Challenge Petal Certification this September, we announced our next big project, the Land & Creek Legacy Project, which will fund two major initiatives: the purchase and protection of 26.6 acres of land adjoining Věčný Woods to the north, and the creation of the Indian Creek Exhibit which will “flow” through our exhibit hall and demonstrate the magic beneath Indian Creek’s surface.

Your donation to this project with inspire #championsofnature and help fulfill ICNC’s mission to promote a more sustainable future through environmental education, providing leadership in land protection and restoration and encouraging responsible interaction with nature.


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