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Honey Fest Update!

Honey Fest
Honey Fest is exactly one month from today. What are you doing to prepare? We’re buzzing right along with the planning. Margaret is working in collaboration with our “Bee Guy”, Bob, to hammer out the…
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Busy as a bee.

Wow! We’ve been busy at the Nature Center! Summer Nature Camp is wrapping up. Our director, Rich Patterson, is celebrating 30 years of hard work at the Center next week. In the shop, we’re getting ready…
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To give you another idea…

Nature Center
Standing on the property today, it’s hard to visualize how high the water really got during the historic June flooding. Can you see the “scum line”? Yuck! Every day at the Nature Center, we strive…
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The bright side.

Flowers, Other
Hi loyal readers. Long time no blog! Most of you know that Cedar Rapids has seen some hard times recently. The recent flooding has seemed to give the whole area some perspective, and there is…
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Skunk Cabbage!

We’ve had our first skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus) sightings here at the Center, which is fantastic, because this Sunday, we have a naturalist led hike up the Bena Brook to look for more! For more information,…
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