Why Join the Nature Center?

hikingWe have a new member special going on right now at the Nature Center – first-time members who join now get BONUS membership months! Our usual membership cycle is March through February each year, but if you join now, your membership will be valid until March of 2015! That’s a big bonus! Nancy Lackner, our Development Assistant and membership guru, shares her thoughts about why it’s important to join. I think they’re all pretty darn good reasons.

Children get answers to scavenger hunt questions from the Honey Fest Honeybee at the Indian Creek Nature CenterWhy become a member of the Indian Creek Nature Center? Let me count the reasons.

(1) Help keep a corner of Cedar Rapids green, beautiful and open to everyone to enjoy.

(2) Keep the resident groundhogs’ playground open.

(3) Support healthier habitats where children and wildlife can roam and thrive. (Sometimes children and wildlife are synonymous. A topic for another time.)

(4) You’ll know your membership dollars will be valued and used wisely.

(5) So children can hear a frog chorus in spring, catch and release butterflies in summer, taste honey in fall, watch bald eagles soar in winter, and smell fresh air all year long.

(6) Because it’s a great time of year to join! Purchase a new membership in September 2013-February 2014 and it won’t expire until March 2015. So you get more than a year of benefits for your investment! The sooner you join, the longer your membership term.

(7) Because it feels good to do something beneficial for our planet…and the groundhogs, the frogs, the butterflies, the bees, the eagles, and you.

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