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Office Manager, Dana Wood, works with many of our volunteers, particularly the ladies in the Guild. She shares our feelings about our volunteers…

Members of the Guild get ready for Nature's Noel.
Members of the Guild get ready for Nature’s Noel.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Indian Creek Nature Center.  Without them, we would not have healthy, vibrant woodlands and prairies.  Without them, we would not be able to educate our thousands of annual visitors about the value and beauty of the environment. You can volunteer by becoming a teacher naturalists, interpretive naturalist, nature camp volunteer, Nature Center Guild member, facility volunteer, citizen scientist, habitat restoration volunteer, or special events volunteer.

Guild members picnic together at the Nature Center.
Guild members picnic together at the Nature Center.

Over the eleven years that I have worked at the Nature Center, my involvement with volunteers has changed.  When I first came, Wendee Deal was in charge of the Guild.  The Guild is a group of great volunteers that plan and work the days of their two events, the Plant Sale and Nature’s Noel. This group has raised a lot of money over the years in support of the Center.  In the beginning, the Guild would schedule planning meetings at the Nature Center for the events and I would not attend. I would receive information from volunteer coordinators for vendors after the two events and pay bills without really knowing what was going on. After I became very comfortable in my regular job duties, I became more involved with the Guild ladies, their meetings, and very involved the day of the events. I truly look forward to their planning meetings, working the day of the events, and telling them how much profit they have cleared for the Nature Center. Since becoming more involved with the Guild, I have realized how many hours and how much hard work they put into all they do for us. Some of the fun things that the Guild does include making appetizers, painting pine cones, cutting greens, making kissing balls, digging plants, making arrangements, and donating baked goods.  The Guild raised over $23,000 last year, but the fellowship between them does much more than words can say.  I enjoy working with them each year.

I have done a lot of volunteering for my children’s school and sports.  I was even a Girl Scout leader for many years. I volunteered to help educate and inspire youth and to become more involved with the school. Why should you become a volunteer at the Nature Center? You could share your love of nature, learn a new skill, share a special talent with others, participate in meaningful activities, make a difference, meet like-minded people, inspire a child or adult, learn more about your natural world, or just to have fun!

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