Watch as the barn goes down!

In our last post and on the cover of the latest issue of Indian Creek Currents, we told you all about a barn outside Marion that Indian Creek Nature Center deconstructed, with the goal of repurposing the materials in the new Nature Center. It took an army of volunteers and some very dedicated staff (here’s looking at you, Jean!) to make it happen, but we did it. Now, we have a stockpile of beautiful barn boards that will provide beautiful, rustic character to the inside of the new Nature Center. (Learn about our new green, sustainable building and the Amazing Space project here).

Watch the videos below to see the exciting moments when the barn frames comes down. (The barn was actually two separate barns, with two separate frames, built several years apart – so it had to come down in two pieces.)

Frame one goes down in a cloud of dust:


Frame two… almost goes down. Whoops!

And… frame 2 goes down!

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