Total lunar eclipse.

I hope that all of you took advantage of our cosmic position and watched the lunar eclipse last night. The Gazette has a nice photograph on their webpage. This was just a taste of the astronomical events that are coming up: on August 1st there is a total solar eclipse that we North Americans can enjoy, and of course, 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy.

But why wait? You can always enjoy our evening adventures at the Nature Center. For some moon madness, join us on Friday March 21st for a Full “Worm Moon” Walk,  on Friday April 18th for a Moonlight Walk Under the “Pink Moon”, and on Friday May 16th for a Moonlight Walk in the Spring Woods (because the May 19th full moon is the “Flower Moon”).

For more information on the full moon walks and any of our other programs, visit our website.

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