Two sure signs of spring here today.  The first came when I got out of my car this morning and started across the parking lot towards the barn.  Birds were chirping away when I heard something that made me smile….


Years ago, I remember my dad telling me that cardinals had two different songs – one for winter and one for summer. The winter one was just a hard, sharp CHIRP that was repeated and repeated and repeated.  It always kind of reminded me of someone poking me in the arm reminding me it’s winter. But when spring came, the cardinal’s call turned to something that, to us, sounded like he was calling out “birdie-birdie-birdie, birdie-birdie-birdie”.  I don’t always notice right away when the call changes from summer to winter but my ears definitely perk up when I hear that first triple “birdie” call.  I know spring is here.

The second sign – I have finished putting the summer camp schedule up on the website! Haven’t got all the individual dates up on the calendar yet but everything is listed on the camp page under the ACTIVITIES header (or just click here) and registrations are open!  Pretty soon they’ll be filling the pools!

Don’t forget to get your Maple Syrup Festival tickets!  It’s just a few days away now!!


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