Learning doesn’t stop in the summer! In fact, the Nature Center is brimming with insect and animal activity. Summer Group Experiences are hands-on nature adventures designed for schools, daycares, and youth groups, taking place June through August. We can accommodate groups of various ages or all one age, up to about age 12. Programs last 90 minutes.

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Fee: $5 per student No fee for chaperones. All school and group programs scheduled will require 50% of the total paid in advance in order to reserve the date for the program.

Discovery Hike

You are the naturalist on this experience! You will discover what it is like to use animal senses to find food and find shelter. Be ready to put on your “fox” noses, ears and eyes to explore. Play “Fox and Rabbit” in the prairie, and enjoy the cool woodland trail to discover who lives in our oak woods.

Grassland Safari

Tiny wildlife are the ones who really keep our planet healthy and balanced. Grab a net and go on a grassland safari to discover the six-legged, eight-legged, and many legged critters. Learn what each does to help you and the earth! You’ll be amazed by all their tricks used to hunt, survive and thrive.

What’s the Buzz?

Word is out! Honeybees and other native pollinators are hardworking friends that we need! Explore the world of a bee and get to know other pollinators that help produce the food that you enjoy. Investigate the inside of a honeybee hive and go on a pollinator hunt to find native bees on flowers, spot a hummingbird and find a butterfly.