One last Sense of Wonder post…


Sunday and Monday at the Nature Center were alive with the sounds of children experiencing nature. (Curiously, that sounds a lot like a marimba!) We dedicated the new trail on Sunday, and the media coverage drew crowds here on Monday as well. So far, it looks like a hit!

But now for what you really want. Pictures! (Above: staff, committee and crew members pose around the marimba with other instruments and cloth “flags”. I think we’ll call them the Sense of Wonder Jam Band.)


Two young visitors give the marimba a whirl. So far, this has been the hot ticket item on the sense of wonder trail!


Contemplating her next move, this tic tac toe player is using game pieces made from reused plastic and canning rings!

block city

A family works together to build a “block city” out of natural materials called tree cookies!

There’s always something to see and do at Indian Creek Nature Center. While the staff takes a step back and a deep breath (and maybe even a nap!), come out and enjoy our newest feature. And, as always, stay tuned for what’s next!

(Please note: The photos in this blog were taken by Marion Patterson. The Nature Center has used them under Creative Commons guidelines. So if you use them, pass the credit for them back to Ms. Patt!)

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