Director Rich Patterson has been fielding a lot of questions about the loss of trees in the Indian Creek Valley. We are equally frustrated! Here is some information from Rich that may prove helpful.

Many people have expressed concern or anger about substantial tree cutting near the Sac and Fox Trail along Indian Creek. The Nature Center is also concerned and frustrated.

For many months, the Nature Center has been aware of a City project to replace an old sewer down the valley with a larger one. Staff have attended engineering meetings where we asked the City to minimize tree loss and use the opportunity to move the often flood damaged trail to higher dryer ground. The project itself has nothing to do with the Nature Center but many people have contacted staff frustrated by tree loss.

The City marked many trees that were not supposed to be removed.  These were typically the largest and most impressive trees. The contractor removed them anyway. It is an abomination. The last I heard, the City is attempting to get compensation from the contractor for the loss of these trees, but I do not know the status. The contractor is required to plant new trees following construction.  

If you are concerned or want information contact Dave Wallace at 286-5814 at the Cedar Rapids Engineering Department.

~Rich Patterson

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