While Jan and Jenny were out hiding geocaches this morning, they spotted some other treasures along the way. Jan reports…

As Jenny and I prepared for our 2 pm Geocaching program this afternoon (come join us), I discovered some interesting activities along the Cedar Greenbelt trails.   Once again a mystery person has decorated Old Henry’s stump and the base of the huge leaning sycamore with pine boughs and ears of corn for the wildlife.   Not a kernel of corn remains and there are deer tracks everywhere!     This is an annual winter solstice occurrence.

Now THAT'S a hole!
...made by this guy (photo courtesy of Emory Univ)

Along the Sac and Fox trail on the way to Old Henry, this tree trunk hole is the recent work of a piliated woodpecker.

Looks cold, doesn't it!





And here’s a peek at the prairie on the day after Christmas.

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