Jean and Jan have an adventure at the wetland trying to get rid of some carp. Here’s how Jean saw it…

Whoops! That wasn't solid ground!

The drought has significantly lowered the water level in the wetlands, exposing a number of things that don’t belong there but are normally hidden beneath the water’s surface: pruning loppers, pop cans, and invasive carp. Naturalist Jan and I were at the wetland, contemplating a strategy for ridding the upper pond of the carp while the water level was still low and the carp were still easily visible.

Jenny & Joyce drag Jan's carp from the wetland
Intrepid carp hunter Jan!
Now to get Jan out of the mud!

The recent unwelcome fish additions, from the carp that came from the river to the carp that came from a backyard pond or fishbowl, are wreaking ecological havoc on the wetland. I hope to find a way to remove them yet this year, when the water level is still relatively low and they are concentrated in smaller areas.

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