Jean was out inspecting the trails following our big rains last week and offered these observations…

The recent rains, while much-needed, have brought down some trees across the trails. The sunshine and lack of wind today finally provided a big enough break in the weather to make taking care of them straightforward. As long as I was out, I stopped to check on one of the trail cams.

Dinner for four. A parade of deer through the woodland

I had moved the Covert trail camera along a game trail near Bena Brook. Without the lure of the deer carcass, animals have been putting in less frequent appearances-and deer are definitely the most frequent users of the trail. If you haven’t hiked Bena Brook in a while, this would be a fun time to explore it.

Nodding Trillium

The trillium are up, and a small of flock of ruby-crowned kinglets quit eating bugs long enough to check me out-they came within about five feet of me. I also saw white-throated sparrows and a black-and-white warbler. None of which flew in front of the trail cam, unfortunately. Or if they did, they were moving faster than the motion detector. I obviously need to figure out how to set the date on the trail cam.

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