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Roughly four miles of trails wind through 210 acres of wetlands, riparian forests, maple sugarbush, tallgrass prairies and oak savannas at Indian Creek Nature Center. Nearby Vecny Woods has an additional 28 acres of massive hardwood trees stewarded by the Nature Center. Enjoy hiking, bird watching, cross-country skiing and fishing while you explore land in various stages of ecological restoration.

Trails are open all day, 365 days a year.

Trail Information and Maps

Cedar Greenbelt National Recreation Trails

The Cedar Greenbelt Trail was designated a National Recreation Trail in 1980 by the National Park Service. It’s divided into three sections, each encompassing sections of our woodlands, wetlands and prairie. The Cedar Greenbelt Trail is also a favorite of cross-country skiers, so no matter the season, you’ll enjoy beautiful scenery along this trail.

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Sense of Wonder Trail

The Sense of Wonder Trail, right next to the barn at the Indian Creek Nature Center, is a great child and family-friendly trail filled with fun activity stops. The Sense of Wonder Trail Guide for Parents maps out a play-scape designed for children and adults to explore, discover, daydream, and play outdoors together as they connect with our earth.

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Sac & Fox Trail

Please note that the Sac & Fox trail is maintained by the City of Cedar Rapids and not Indian Creek Nature Center.

The Sac and Fox Trail was designated as Iowa’s first National Recreation Trail in 1975. Constructed and maintained by the Cedar Rapids Parks Department, the seven-mile long trail is relatively level and broad with a pressed limestone surface. About half of the trail is in the Indian Creek Valley, where walkers encounter a deep forest split by the riffles of this scenic stream. The rest of the trail follows the Cedar River and is in a more open terrain. Hiking, cross-country skiing, horseback riding and bicycling are permitted. Motorized vehicles and weapons are prohibited.

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