Sustainability Tips: Why We LOVE Regenerative Agriculture

We all know it’s Valentine’s Day, but did you know it’s also National Regenerative Agriculture Day?

Regenerative agriculture is an ecological approach to farming that focuses on improving and revitalizing soil health. According to the Rodale Institute, regenerative farming improves the resources it uses, rather than destroying or depleting them and encourages continual innovation for environmental, social and economic wellbeing. It’s an agricultural movement that is gaining momentum at a critical time.

Data from the USDA shows there are 732 farms with more than 100,000 certified organic acres in Iowa, putting our state fifth in the nation for the number of certified organic farms.

However, the region lacks truly progressive, widespread access to research and training in regenerative organic practices, which is why Indian Creek Nature Center has partnered with the Rodale Institute and Frontier Co-op to open the Midwest Organic Center at Etzel Sugar Grove Farm this year.

This is an incredible opportunity for farmers in Iowa and the entire Midwest. The Center will provide resources and support for Iowa’s farmers, giving access to Rodale Institute‘s innovative research in regenerative farming methods that farmers can then implement in their own farms — a benefit not only to the health and quality of our soil, but also to the farmers themselves. By working with nature instead of against it, regenerative farming creates higher yields and helps crops become more resilient in the face of climate instability — it’s not only an ecologically responsible choice, but a profitable one.

For more on the Midwest Organic Center, read our blog.
More details are coming, so stay tuned!
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