The Living Building Challenge at Amazing Space

Amazing Space is officially Living Building Challenge Petal Certified!

Living Building Challenge is a comprehensive certification process set forth by the International Living Future Institute. The certification was designed to integrate human spaces with natural spaces; to celebrate the beauty and structure of nature; and, to lead the way in sustainable design.

Below are a few of the design elements Indian Creek Nature Center chose to pursue to achieve this standard.

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Amazing Space opened September 2016

Amazing Space Net Zero Energy Facts

Energy Production & Consumption

Solar Panel Total Production:                      135.370 MWh
Amazing Space Electrical Usage:                111.440 MWh
Excess Electricity Produced:                 23.930 MWh

38% came from the roof-mounted panels
62% came from the ground-mounted panels

That means that just the excess energy generated at Amazing Space offsets one of these items:

  • 8 Barrels of Oil
  • 94 Tons of Coal
  • 8,1652.55 Cubic Feet of Natural Gas
  • 59 Tons of TNT
  • 4 Cords of Oak firewood, which is 12,773 pounds of wood

Excess energy produced by ICNC would power the average Iowa home for 2.28 years.